Question: Ghd Curls

My hair is the longest it's been in my whole life, and I'm dying to make curls. But it never works! Is there a trick to it? Can you help please?


There is a trick to this, but unfortunately it’s not easy to explain via text. If you are in the Cape Town Area why not pop into our salon and I will show you how to work with your GHD? The other option you have is to practice by taking one strand at a time and then gently ribboning it with your iron much like you would if you were ribboning paper with a scissor. You will have to use a heat protecting product when doing this and remember to take small sections at a time. Place your iron at a diagonal angel and twist your iron 180 degrees and gently pull it through. Repeat this with all the sections or until the desired effect is there. You can call Spolit hair and nails on 021 434 7112

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