Question: Good Day Doc, I Struggle With Cellulite What Can I Do To Reduce It?

Good day doc, I struggle with cellulite what can I do to reduce it?


Good day to you! Thank-you so much for your question. I’ve had this question asked a number of times, as this is something that so many of us struggle with. Honestly if I had a one line answer to this problem I’d probably be the richest woman alive! Cellulite is one of those things that is caused by so many factors and really I don’t think it’s something that you’re just going to cure. It’s something you’re going to need to manage and prevent as much as possible. I feel there are 3 main parts to the management of this condition. 1) Your diet and your exercise. You need to follow a healthy eating plan, taking in lots of water and good wholesome foods that haven’t all come out of tin cans and polystyrene! 2) Your homecare routine. Getting enough sleep every day. Getting in enough water every day. Applying good products to the skin that look after the skin’s integrity and give the skin some good detoxifying actives. (EG Patricia Clarke Gel). Also take good vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants on a daily basis. 3) Professional treatment. If your budget allows, there are some amazing treatments that can help you to improve and to a great extent, treat and get rid of a lot of your cellulite (EG Radiofrequency treatments & Carboxy Therapy). You need to remember that we live in a time where everything is processed and polluted and full of toxins. So we are always going to have to battle the effects of all this junk we are bombarded with every day.

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