Question: Good Day Doctor, I Have A Problem With Oily Skin, I Don’t Like The Fact That My Skin Gets So Shiny. It’s Mostly On My Forehead, Nose, And Chin. I Use The Ponds For Oily Skin, Facewash, Toner And Moisturiser. I Rub Some Fresh Lemon On My Skin Every Morning And It Really Helps With Dark Patches. After Moisturising, I Apply Elizabeth Arden Foundation For Oily Skin. Ater Almost Just One Hour, My Skin Starts To Shine. What Can I Do To Prevent This And Wear My Make-up All Day?

Good day doctor, I have a problem with oily skin, I don't like the fact that my skin gets so shiny. It's mostly on my forehead, nose, and chin. I use the Ponds for oily skin, facewash, toner and moisturiser. I rub some fresh lemon on my skin every morning and it really helps with dark patches. After moisturising, I apply Elizabeth Arden foundation for oily skin. Ater almost just one hour, my skin starts to shine. What can I do to prevent this and wear my make-up all day?


Thank-you so much for your enquiry. I don’t really know Ponds very well, and it is a bit difficult to “comment” on over the counter-type products, as I feel they are not necessarily active enough to give you a quick, effective result as you would have with a medical product for problems such as these. We obviously need to get the oiliness under control and for this I’m very impressed with Lamelle’s Clarity range. It’s not necessary to use the whole range, but at least go on to one of the active products that will take action on your problem area. Then it’s also important to ensure that your make-up agrees with your skin and that it is what is best for your skin. I’m a huge fan of the Lycogel treatment foundation as it is more than just a foundation. It is your coverage, as well as your SPF as well as having active ingredients to combat inflammation and it assist your skin with healing and it is completely breathable so will not cause any blockages on the skin (great to use after your skin has been through active treatments or even if your skin has been assaulted by the sun). Honestly, the very best advice I can give you is to come and see us at one of our Skin Renewal Branches so we can get a proper look at your skin and advise you accordingly.

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