Question: Good Day Dr. I Am Struggling With A Lot Of Acne Which I Can Not Get Rid Off. I’m Using The Well Known Brand Dermalogica Since The Beginning Of March And Ever Since My Skin Got Worse. I’m Like Up-in-arms And Don’t Know Where To Turn. Thought I Was Using The Best Product, But It Feels As If It Worsen My Acne. I Should Not Be Struggling With Severe Acne At My Age. Never Had Any, But Were On A Contraceptive Also. Stopped The Contraceptive At The End Of 2010 Already And My Skin Did Not Break Out Even Then. Only Since March When I Started With Dermalogica. I Also Went Every 2nd Week For A Microzone Facial For 3 Months And Thereafter Only Every 3 Weeks. Your Help In This Regard Is Highly Appreciated As It Feels As If I Threw My Money In The Water. Can You Please Suggest Something Else I Should Use? Thanking You In Advance. Kind Regards, Monique

Good day Dr. I am struggling with a lot of Acne which I can not get rid off. I'm using the well known brand Dermalogica since the beginning of March and ever since my skin got worse. I'm like up-in-arms and don't know where to turn. Thought I was using the best product, but it feels as if it worsen my acne. I should not be struggling with severe acne at my age. Never had any, but were on a contraceptive also. Stopped the contraceptive at the end of 2010 already and my skin did not break out even then. Only since March when I started with Dermalogica. I also went every 2nd week for a microzone facial for 3 months and thereafter only every 3 weeks. Your help in this regard is highly appreciated as it feels as if I threw my money in the water. Can you please suggest something else I should use? Thanking you in advance. Kind regards, Monique


Dear Monique, I am SO sorry to hear about what has happened with your skin! This must be terribly traumatic for you to deal with, and I really hope I can help you. It’s always very hard if I don’t actually have you sitting in front of me, but I’m going to give you what I feel is best. If you have any questions, or need more help, please do not hesitate to call one of our Skin Renewal Clinics and we will gladly help you!

Dermalogica is a good product, and has many success stories, but as it is with all products, it is not necessarily going to work for EVERYONE. You need to bear in mind that acne is a medical condition, and for this reason needs to be looked at from a medical perspective. I’m not saying you need to go on to acne medication, we’d obviously like to keep that option as a last resort, but the products you are using need to be appropriate for your skin’s condition. So my suggestion is, let’s sort out your acne, keep your Dermalogica in your cupboard so that you can start using it bit by bit again once we have your skin under control.

I would like you to consider getting hold of an oral supplement called Acnevelle, it is made by a company called Lamelle. They also make a range called Clarity, which is a fairly small range that has just the products you need to sort out acne and acne-prone skin. As far as product prices go, they are really reasonably priced, and once we’ve got your skin back under control, you can slowly start introducing things from your Dermalogica range again, and of course then it would be up to you what ranges you’d like to use thereafter.

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