Question: Good Day, I Am Not Sure Whether I Am A Fitzpatrick Skin Type 3 – Green/brown Eyes, Brown/grey Hair. My Question: What Product Range Would You Recommend For Anti Ageing – Dermalogica, Optiphi, Phytomer Or Skin Doctors. Thank You, Elize Van Vuuren

Good day, I am not sure whether I am a Fitzpatrick skin type 3 - green/brown eyes, brown/grey hair. My question: what product range would you recommend for anti ageing - Dermalogica, Optiphi, Phytomer or Skin Doctors. Thank you, Elize van Vuuren


Thank-you so much for your question, Elize. Those are all really great products. The tricky thing, however, is to ensure that you get the product that works best for YOU and the needs your skin has. It’s very difficult for me to suggest a range without getting a good look at your skin, as you haven’t mentioned any particular concerns as such, other than anti-ageing. Personally, my own view on anti-ageing is that you need to use a combination of active ingredients and amongst those you should have 1) a product that causes constant, gentle resurfacing (EG a Glycolic wash or an AHA cleanser – EG A Neostrata or Nimue Product), 2) Anti-Oxidants (to protect your skin from oxidative stress during the day together with a good broad spectrum SPF (EG Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF serum OR Lamelle’s Nourish Cream), 3) At night a combination of growth factors and retinol to work on the damage that has already been done (EG Lamelle’s Dermaheal products OR Skin Medica’s TNS Recovery Complex and their Retinol serum). Do not be fooled into thinking that you have to use all your products/actives from ONE range. The best thing to do is integrate your skin care.

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