Question: Good Day. I Would Like To Start Using The Neutrogena Range, Maybe The Scrub And Moisturiser Or Can You Maybe Advise What Set Is Best? My Skin Is A Bit Sensitive But Not Very, It Is Oily As Well.

Good day. I would like to start using the Neutrogena range, maybe the scrub and moisturiser or can you maybe advise what set is best? My skin is a bit sensitive but not very, it is oily as well.


Thanks so much for you enquiry. I do not know the Neutrogena range very well, so I cannot comment on what it contains or whether it is the best range for your particular skin condition. Generally if someone is sensitive I would not recommend a scrub, as scrubs do cause some sensitivity on the skin as well. Normally I would recommend and enzymatic exfoliator that does not need to be rubbed or scrubbed, so it doesn’t cause any abrasion on the skin. The products I do recommend in this case would be something like Cathepzyme from Lamelle, or Nimue’s exfoliating enzymes. Moisture is always important, so definitely a good moisturizer is a great idea, BUT just as important, if not MORE important is the use of a good broad spectrum SPF every single day. You will probably find that if you protect your skin in this way, your skin will really improve a great deal. If the oiliness bothers you there are great options to get this under control. Sometimes you can solve this problem by just using the appropriate cleanser in your daily routine. Something like Lamelle’s Clarity Cleanser or Skin Medica’s Purifying Foaming wash, or Skin Ceuticals Blemish and Age Cleanser. So there really are some wonderful options for you. For your sun protection I can highly recommend the Helio Care Range. I hope I’ve been helpful.

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