Question: Good Day I Have No Shine To My Hair And Also Falls Out A Lot I Don’t Know Why. What Can I Do To Get Shine And Not Make Them Fall Out So Much? I Have Fine But A Lot Of Hair But I Don’t Feel Good About It.

Good day I have no shine to my hair and also falls out a lot I don't know why. What can I do to get shine and not make them fall out so much? I have fine but a lot of hair but I don't feel good about it.


There is a difference in hair that is falling out by the roots, and hair that is breaking. The fact that you hair is so dull, could tell me possibly that your hair could be relaxed too often, every 4-6 weeks, instead of what we recommend every 8-10 weeks. This allows for correct application on the new growth only, and not an over lap into previously relaxed hair which could cause breakage. If, on the other hand, you have proper hair loss, there could be several reasons like stress, hormonal causes or medication. To promote shine, use Dark and Lovely Oil Sheen Spray sparingly. Remember to keep the scalp healthy by shampooing weekly with dark and Lovely 3 in 1 Shampoo, follwed by Deep Conditioner. Treat your hair once a month with Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment, to reinforce and strengthen the hair.

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