Question: Hair Grows Soo Slowly!

Hi Adele. My problem is that my hair grows soo slowly! its always been that way my whole life, iv tried everything, serums, hair growth pills but nothing seems to work. Could it be my diet or my lifestyle? I drink about 3 glasses of wine on the weekends and i am a smoker, could this be affecting my hair growth more then usual?


Hi there

Your diet could be affecting your hair growth but not as much as you may think. The condition of your hair plays a more important role, and it could be a result of your genes.  Unfortunately if it’s a problem that has been this way your whole life then that’s pretty much the answer to your question. You could try hair extentions, a good multi-vitiman and changing your diet and lifestyle, but chances are (unfortunately) that you won’t find the results you are looking for as easily, especially if this problem has been life-long. I hope this works for you.

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