Question: Hateful Henna

Hi Adele, I have made the fatal mistake of using Henna to colour my hair. I used a chocolate brown colour - which has red tones in it, and now I want to go blonde, how do I strip this hateful henna out of my hair without losing my hair? I have used the home colouring kits twice, and while my roots have definately changed, the hair that still has bits of henna on it is a sort of deep fiery orange, not a bad look I admit, but not a look I want to keep. Please help.


Hi Bridget

Unfortunately henna contains metalic salts which react very badly to bleach and therefore causes breakage and severe damage when the hair is stripped of this product. You can give stripping a try but this you will have to do at your own risk as the chances of damage is way too great. You can however treat and strengthen your hair in the mean while and give your hair a chance to grow out before you go that route. You will have to grow out a lot of it as henna is a permanent product and does not shift out of the hair easily.

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