Question: Hello Dr Allem, What Cream Can I Use On My Thighs And Tummy Area To Help Reduce Cellulite, Is There Also A Body Scrub I Could Use In The Shower.

Hello Dr Allem, what cream can i use on my thighs and tummy area to help reduce cellulite, is there also a body scrub i could use in the shower.


Good day to you! Thank-you for your question. In our Skin Renewal Branches we highly recommend the use of the Patricia Clarke Scrub, Cellulite Gel and Pants (for better product penetration). I do however suggest that you consider some treatments for your cellulite as treating this on your own at home with no “active help” can be a lengthy and demotivating process as it does take longer to see results. But yes, in terms of products I’m very impressed with the Patricia Clarke products.

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