Question: Hello Dr Maureen! Is There Any Product Or Regimen You Can Recommend To Help Even Out My Skin Tone? Thanks.

Hello Dr Maureen! Is there any product or regimen you can recommend to help even out my skin tone? Thanks.


Hello! By skin tone, I’m assuming you mean your skin’s colour/pigmentation? If so, yes, there are a few things you can use. Objective number one is to find out what is causing the problem and to see if we can affect the cause, otherwise the problem will just keep on occurring. Objective number two, is to find out how deep the problem lies, as we would have to choose products that can reach the uneven pigmentation at the correct depth.

At my Skin Renewal Clinincs, we use quite a few active products to treat this. The products we use include, Dermamelan, Cosmelan, Lumixyl, Luminesce and Brighter Concentrate, Elure and in extreme cases where it is indicated and the patient needs prescription products, we will use prescribed preparations. Google some of these if you like. You can possibly make an appointment for one of our therapists to have a good, close-up look at your skin so that we can give you the best advice.  

In the meantime, you need to make sure you get yourself on to a broad spectrum SPF 30 (or higher). You also need to make sure you are increasing your cell turnover by using exfoliating enzymes at home. Consider using a cleaser containing AHA’s such as Nimue’s cleanser. If you want to go onto Nimue’s pigmentation range to start off with, that is a great way to start, and then you can slowly start introducing one of the other actives that I’ve already mentioned.

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