Question: Hello! I Have A Combination Skin But The Problem Is : In The Morning Its Too Dry And Towards The Aternoonn Its Too Oily. I’ve Tried Touchin Up With Mac Powder But I Break Out With Pimples And I Appear Darker Than Usual! Currently Using The Placecol Range. Any Suggestions For A Product That Will Keep My Skin Matt All Day? THANK U!!

Hello! I have a combination skin but the problem is : in the morning its too dry and towards the aternoonn its too oily. i've tried touchin up with mac powder but i break out with pimples and i appear darker than usual! currently using the Placecol range. any suggestions for a product that will keep my skin matt all day? THANK U!!


Good day to you and thank-you so much for your enquiry. From what you are describing to me. It sounds as though you are suffering from “an impaired barrier”. Basically what this means, is that the layer in your skin that controls your skin’s moisture balance and prevents water loss from the skin is not functioning properly, so by the afternoon, your skin responds by producing more oil to try and act as a “water trap” for the moisture you are losing from the skin. With the result that you are getting a yo-yo effect with your skin’s moisture balance. So you keep feeling two extremes. My suggestion is that we fix the barrier, and once you have this under control you can look at using products that will treat your skin appropriately. You need to get hold of Lamelle’s Serra products. These have been specifically designed to restore barrier function in the skin. Once we’ve got your barrier functioning correctly, we can concentrate on getting your skin the hydration that it needs and then you should no longer be feeling the extreme dry in the morning and then extreme oil in the evening.
Also… because of the impaired barrier, your make-up is acting as an irritant, which is causing the blockages and break outs. So my suggestion is this, get onto the Serra Range for about 3 months, and while you are using these, ensure you are using a GOOD sunblock. I would suggest you use the Heliocare tinted sunblocks or Heliocare compact sunblock as these can act as a foundation so you do not need to cake on any additional make up. After 3 months, your skin should be under control again and then you can look at using other products. If you have any trouble locating these products, please contact your nearest Skin Renewal Branch and we will be able to help you with these.

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