Question: Hello. I Have A Problem With Pimples Especialy When It’s Hot, I Don’t Know Which Product To Use Now.

Hello. I have a problem with pimples especialy when it's hot, I don't know which product to use now.


Thank-you so much for your enquiry. It sounds like you are one of those people who needs to be on different products in the summer as opposed to those that you would use in the winter. This does happen and it’s really just a case of managing your skin. What I would need to know, before being able to give you a product prescription is the following: 1) Are you male or female? 2) What are you currently using on your skin and how long have you been using it? 3) Is your skin light or dark? 4) Do you have break outs all the time, or is it ONLY when you get hot? If I knew some of this info, I would definitely be able to give you much more specific advice. What I would suggest, is that you get yourself the Lamelle Clarity products for the warm season while your skin is going through all of these issues. I highly recommend the Cleanser, the Acnevelle tablets (to help you control the breakouts and prevent it from happening as much as possible), and the Corrective Am moisturiser. If your issue is REALLY severe then you can look at using the other product in the range as well. That is the safest advice I can give you at this stage with the limited information that I have. If you are really seeking a detailed prescription, I would highly suggest that you try to get to one of our branches so that one of our therapists or doctors can have alook at your skin and give you the best possible advice.

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