Question: Hello, I Want To Partake In The New Trend Of Coloured Tips But My Hair Is Dyed Black And Has Been That Colour Since I Was 13, What Would Your Advice Be? Should I Let My Hair Grow Out And Be Natural Or Can I Just Colour Over It? I’m Terrified That My Hair Turns To Grass And Frizz.

Hello, I want to partake in the new trend of coloured tips but my hair is dyed black and has been that colour since I was 13, what would your advice be? Should I let my hair grow out and be natural or can I just colour over it? I'm terrified that my hair turns to grass and frizz.


Hi there!

You are able to colour over but I would suggest doing it gradually… start lighting the ends over the next few months as opposed to doing it all in one go. Make sure to maintain the ends with the right homecare :)

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