Question: Hello Maureen. I Am A Dutch Girl Moving To South Africa Very Soon. I’ve Been Warned About The Sun: It Should Be Very Different From The Sun Here. I Have Combination Skin, With Oily T-zone And Break Outs On My Cheeks. I Want To Use Sunscreen But I’m Afraid That It’s Too Greasy For My Face. Can You Recommend Something? Thank You So Much!

Hello Maureen. I am a Dutch girl moving to South Africa very soon. I've been warned about the sun: it should be very different from the sun here. I have combination skin, with oily t-zone and break outs on my cheeks. I want to use sunscreen but I'm afraid that it's too greasy for my face. Can you recommend something? Thank you so much!


Hi there! Welcome to SA and thank-you so much for your question! Yes indeed, the sun here is very different from what you are used to. In my opinion, the best product for what you have described as your skin’s condition is Heliocare. Heliocare is a range that specialises in sun protection and they make a product called FX Gel, which is non-greasy and very comfortable on the skin, I’m quite sure you will find it a fantastic product. It is available at any of our Skin Renewal Branches. Please also bear in mind, with the extreme change that you will be going through with your move (in terms of the weather as well as stress levels etc), you will most likely have quite a lot of change happening to your skin, so please do let me know if you need any more guidance.

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