Question: Hello I’m A 30 Year Old Indian Female. My Skin Tone Is Fair To Medium. I Would Like To Know What Facial Skincare Products (cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers Etc) To Use (on A Tight Budget). I Have Normal To Dry/slightly Dehydrated Skin. I Do Not Suffer From Acne Or Other Skin Ailments Usually. However, I Do Get Some Pimples After Threading/waxing. I Do Burn Easily Especially My Nose And Cheeks Even If I Spend A Short Period Of Time In The Sun Especially When Swimming. Up To Now My Skin Routine Consisted Of Just Washing With Water And Occasionally Soap Bars. I Recently Went For A Facial And The Therapist Said My Skin Was Fine Just Dehydrated And Suggested A Hydrating Cleanser/toner And Moisturiser. My Skin Feels Dull And Lacks A Glow. Can You Please Guide Me On Suitable Products And Brands For My Skin Type That I Could Afford On A Tight Budget? I Have Been Looking At Ponds Or Nivea Products As Options. Thanks Nazia

Hello I'm a 30 year old Indian female. My skin tone is fair to medium. I would like to know what facial skincare products (cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc) to use (on a tight budget). I have normal to dry/slightly dehydrated skin. I do not suffer from acne or other skin ailments usually. However, I do get some pimples after threading/waxing. I do burn easily especially my nose and cheeks even if I spend a short period of time in the sun especially when swimming. Up to now my skin routine consisted of just washing with water and occasionally soap bars. I recently went for a facial and the therapist said my skin was fine just dehydrated and suggested a hydrating cleanser/toner and moisturiser. My skin feels dull and lacks a glow. Can you please guide me on suitable products and brands for my skin type that I could afford on a tight budget? I have been looking at Ponds or Nivea products as options. Thanks Nazia


Hi there Nazia. Thank-you so much for your enquiry. If you are looking for a good product in the same price range as Ponds and Nivea, that you can get from a salon where you have a therapists etc who can guide you as you go, then I would highly recommend the Environ Range. The range is based on vitamin A, which is great for pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, healthy cell turn over and it also has an anti-ageing effect. Also, the toners are based on AHA’s so you will have constant mild resurfacing which is great, and AHA’s are also hydrating, so this should assist you with dehydration. Because the Vit A and AHA’s encourage healthy turn-over, you should find that you don’t get so many “pimples”, and if you DO, they will heal quickly. Also make sure (especially if you thread or wax), that you use the sunblock daily to protect your skin from possibly forming any pigmentation. If you are not sure where to get hold of these products, feel free to contact any of our Skin Renewal Branches and we will help you!

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