Question: Hey Heidi, I’ve Decided To Grow Out My Relaxer So That My Natural Hair Can Come Out But It’s So Difficult To Control Because It’s So Curly At The Roots. I Just Wanted To Know What Products Do You Recommend For Me To Use. I’d Like To Lock My Curls So That They Stay Curly Longer And A Moisturiser I Can Use To Keep It Soft.

Hey Heidi, I've decided to grow out my relaxer so that my natural hair can come out but it's so difficult to control because it's so curly at the roots. I just wanted to know what products do you recommend for me to use. I'd like to lock my curls so that they stay curly longer and a moisturiser I can use to keep it soft.


There is a strong trend to wear natural curls, however grooming the hair is a priority. Structured and well conditioned curls show stylishness and grooming. Keep your hair in peak condition by treating it every 3rd or 4th shampoo using Dark and Lovely ULTRA Cholesterol to deeply penetrate into the hair. Setting your hair on "perm" rollers or setting rollers will control the hairstyle, and get you used to wearing the natural culs. It will blend the curly roots to the relaxed ends. Make sure that the hair is bone dry when you remove the rollers. Set with Dark and Lovely Stylist Mist which will control and add a natural shine.

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