Question: Hey. OK So Am An African Lady. Recently Have Been Having Very Bad Hair Days. I Have Relaxed Hair, And My Hair Is The Very Coarse, Thick And Bushy Type When It’s Natural. Recently My Hair Has Been Breaking Pretty Bad. So I Was Thinking Of Cutting The Relaxed Hair, To Like Remove Every Bit Of It, Go Bold And Start Afresh Keeping My Hair Naturally. What Tips Or Hints Do U Advise? I Want To Keep It Natural For Like Two Years. Will Relax It Then. My Goal Is To Have Like Hair That Reaches My Mid-back. Is It Possible For African Hair To Grow This Long? Please Assist.

Hey. OK so am an African lady. Recently have been having very bad hair days. I have relaxed hair, and my hair is the very coarse, thick and bushy type when it's natural. Recently my hair has been breaking pretty bad. So I was thinking of cutting the relaxed hair, to like remove every bit of it, go bold and start afresh keeping my hair naturally. What tips or hints do u advise? I want to keep it natural for like two years. Will relax it then. My goal is to have like hair that reaches my mid-back. Is it possible for African hair to grow this long? Please assist.


Hello Tsungy

Your intended plan sounds like a good one and there is definitely a trend to wear one’s hair naturally curly. I recommend WEEKLY shampooing and conditioning using Dark and Lovely 3 in 1 shampoo followed by Dark and Lovely Moisture Seal Deep Conditioner which will revitalize, remove tangles and leave your hair silky soft. Daily use of Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion will impart moisture into each strand and boost the shine.

Should you love the natural look, which I am sure that you will, you may like to add a little fashion flair with a hair color to give you your own signature look. Dark and Lovely has a new permanent colour range called Color Intensity which is available in six appealing colours and has a very softening effect on wiry and course hair. Should you like this recommendation, be sure to add a treatment every two weeks into your haircare regimen. Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol is a perfect choice.

Warm regards

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