Question: Hey There, I Have Terrible Scares On My Upper Back, Shoulders And Top Of My Arms From Achne, As I Pick, Pop And Scratch My Pimples Leavin Scarring .. Is There Any Affordable Treatment You Can Recommend To Lighten, Reduce And Or Remove The Scares?

Hey there, I have terrible scares on my upper back, shoulders and top of my arms from achne, as i pick, pop and scratch my pimples leavin scarring .. Is there any affordable treatment you can recommend to lighten, reduce and or remove the scares?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. There is a quite a bit we can do for acne scarring, but it is a process that you need to follow as acne scarring is quite deep in the skin. The best thing for you to do is to come into one of our clinics so that one of the doctors or I can have a look at your skin. A treatment package for acne scarring would normally include a combination of chemical peels, and laser and medical rolling (all dependant on how severe the scarring is). There are various options and combinations we could consider to help you. We also have to treat it differently if you still have active lesions on your skin… so the real challenge is to tailor make the package to suit you, and of course we have to take your budget into consideration… some people take more treatments over a longer period of time as we have to do things slowly and step by step to accommodate affordability, other people don’t have budget issues so we can do a lot of things together and more quickly… so it really is finding the recipe that works best for you. My advice is that you come in to Skin Renewal for a consult and lets do the best we can do for you.

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