Question: Hi Adele. I Am A Fan Of Red Lipstick And Find The Mac “Mac Red” Is Sinmply Amazing. Perfect Colour, Lasts Long Etc. I Just Find That Is Is Very Expensive (R180) Especially Because I Always Seem To Lose Them While Out Before They Are Even Half Finished. I Have Been Quite Good With My Current One, Which I Have Only Used About A 3rd Of, But Last Weekend When I Applied It It Snapped (it Wasn’t Even Far Out). Do You Have Any Tips A) On Mending My Broken Loved Lipstick (I Have Just Pushed It Back Onto Place For Now And It Seems Sort Of Ok) And B) For A Similar, More Cost Effective Brand To Use In The Future?

Hi Adele. I am a fan of red lipstick and find the Mac "Mac Red" is sinmply amazing. Perfect colour, lasts long etc. I just find that is is very expensive (R180) especially because I always seem to lose them while out before they are even half finished. I have been quite good with my current one, which I have only used about a 3rd of, but last weekend when I applied it it snapped (it wasn't even far out). Do you have any tips a) on mending my broken loved lipstick (I have just pushed it back onto place for now and it seems sort of ok) and b) for a similar, more cost effective brand to use in the future?



I know how hard it is to find a great lipstick that lasts until the very end and I also know how sad it is when it breaks or melts. A lipstick brush will certainly help to prolong the use of your lipstick and it doesn’t even have to be a very pricey one. The are a few options at various stores so don’t be to concerned about the make or brand. Some of the more affordable brands of lipstick you can try are Yardley, Rimmel, L’oreal (my personal favorite), Black Opal or Clarins to name a few. The trick is always just to find the right shade and to check for its durability throught the day. If you find the right colour make sure that it lives up to your expectations in terms of its wear as well.

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