Question: Hi Adele Ross, I Am Please To Meet You… My Questions Is, My Hair Is Thin, Breaks Easily And Is Very Limp. How Do I Get My Hair To Have Volume And Shine?

Hi Adele Ross, I am please to meet you... My questions is, my hair is thin, breaks easily and is very limp. How do I get my hair to have volume and shine?


Hello Ann, a few tricks would be to try and keep it at a medium length. When the hair is too long it just tends to hang. Check the prodcts that you are using and if it’s still not working, go see a professional. Lots of people think that products are a waste of money but there is a very good reason why it’s so expensive. It’s designed to help your specific hair type with the bonus that if it was recommended by a stylist and it doesn’t work then you can go back for extra advise. Don’t heat style too much and treat it as often as possible, at least once a week.

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