Question: Hi Adele, What A Beautiful Picture Of You! Please Tell Me How I Will Know If I Am Wearing Too Much Makeup? I’ve Always Thought I Do My Make-up Quite Skilfully But Have Been Having Some Doubts Lately, I Think There Is Nothing Worse Than An Overdone Woman! Thanks, Carrie

Hi Adele, what a beautiful picture of you! Please tell me how I will know if I am wearing too much makeup? I've always thought I do my make-up quite skilfully but have been having some doubts lately, I think there is nothing worse than an overdone woman! Thanks, Carrie


Hey Carrie

If you think you are wearing too much then you probably are. If your make-up does not make you feel confident and sexy when you have completed your application then you have reason to doubt. You should be able to pull it off from day to night with the need for minor changes in the day being your only focus point. I love red lipstick, but I won’t wear it with too much eye make-up or any blush because I have a tendancy to go rosy during the day. If your eyes are dark you can add a bit of colour on the lips but try not to go for deep purples or plums. if you have on a bright lipstick keep the rest minimal unless you are in the mood to make a statement, but even so, keep it mid so you don’t look like you’re in drag. Otherwise have fun with your make-up

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