Question: Hi Adele. What’s An Easy Way To Get The “tiger Eye” Eyeliner Look? I Struggle With It!

Hi Adele. What's an easy way to get the "tiger eye" eyeliner look? I struggle with it!


Hi Johlet

The easiest way to get your eyeliner, whether you are using an eye pencil or you’re using liquid eye liner, is to start by prepping your eye lid with a nude eye shadow. This will make sure that the line doesn’t smudge and also that it stays on for longer. Start by drawing a line on top of the lashes leaving a tiny space in between so you can tidy up if there are any errors before you fill in the whole lash line. When you draw the line start low in the inner corner of your eye and elevate the line towards the outer corner of your eye. Depending on what you want, you can either take the line all the way out of the shape of the eye, giving it a sharp point at the end or you can keep the line low and end right at the end of your eye lashes. Next, fill in the space between your lashes and your starting line gently and carefully especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it.  Keep practicing till it’s like you want, the key to great makeup is always practice.


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