Question: Hi Adele I Have Posted This Question Before, But I Haven’t Gotten A Reply Yet. Can You Maybe Tell Me What The Best Cheek Highlighter Is For Photography Purposes? Does Not Matter If It’s Expensive, I Don’t Mind Spending Extra Money To Make My Clients Look Extra Radiant! :-)

Hi Adele I have posted this question before, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. Can you maybe tell me what the best cheek highlighter is for photography purposes? Does not matter if it's expensive, I don't mind spending extra money to make my clients look extra radiant! :-)


Hey Lynette

The cost of a product is not as important as the effect of it, although generally, the more pricey the product the better the quality of the ingredients. There are a few favourites that I enjoy using from brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC and INGLOT, as well as cheaper brands like Essence, Yardley or Rimmel. Application will always be and should always be your main focus. Play around with more than one colour on the same cheek to get variation in your results like using a darker and lighter highlighter on the same person and play with the lighting. Use products with loads of shimmer when you don’t have the time to perfect everything on set and use products that require building when you have the time to focus on your application. I hope this helps :)


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