Question: Hi Candice I Have Got Some Fasttrack Great Length Extensions And Apparently You Should Not Use A Repair Shampoo As They Say It Interfers With The Gel Bond. Is This True? I Have Very Dry Hair And Like The Moisture That I Get From A Repair Shampoo’s. What Could Do You Suggest That I Could Use. Thanks And Kind Regards Luisa

Hi Candice I have got some fasttrack Great length extensions and apparently you should not use a repair shampoo as they say it interfers with the gel bond. Is this true? I have very dry hair and like the moisture that I get from a repair shampoo's. What could do you suggest that I could use. Thanks and kind Regards Luisa


 Hi Luisa!

I am a big believer in using what your stylist recommends, as they know what is best. It is true that you should not use any haircare that has PROTEIN in it, as it does destroy the bonds. What you enjoy, is the cosmetic feeling you get from the moisture in the products. I would recommend only using products with moisture, and no repair while you have your extensions.
My favourites:
All Soft Shampoo (R210) and Conditioner (R242)
Clear Moisture Shampoo (R210) and Conditioner (R242)
Hydrate Shampoo (R130) and Conditioner (R145)
Intense Repair Shampoo (R180) and Conditioner (R205)

Extensions are expensive so look after them well!

MIRRORS hair lab.

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