Question: Hi, Dear Panel Experts. What Cream / Lotion Would You Suggest I Use To Get Rid Of Some Wrinkles On My Hands. My Hands Are Not Rough As You Would Generaly Find Amongst Most Men. I’m Not Sure If I’m Allowed To Ask For A Specific Brand Or Label, But Any Suggestions From You Would Surely Be Welcomed. Greetings, Matthys …

Hi, dear Panel Experts. What cream / lotion would you suggest I use to get rid of some wrinkles on my hands. My hands are not rough as you would generaly find amongst most men. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask for a specific brand or label, but any suggestions from you would surely be welcomed. Greetings, Matthys ...


Dear Matthys. Thank-you for your enquiry. Our hands are definitely an area that need attention as these are one of those areas that show our age quite easily.

There are some really brilliant products out there, however, from experience, I would say I have had very good results with the following regime for hands: During the summer months I would suggest the Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion as a hand moisturiser, with a good SPF 30 or 50 on top of that (Skin Medica makes a fantastic SPF 50, which is quite safe, and is very effective in terms of all-round protection). The Ultra Smoothing Lotion contains poly hydroxy acids which are amazing for resurfacing and smoothing out the texture of the skin, therefore also improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles (bear in mind that you will need to keep on this regime for about 90 days before seeing dramatic results).

At night, you can apply the Skin Medica Body Lotion, which contains growth factors, and this is specifically geared as an anti-ageing product for the body. During the winter months, I would make one small change. At night, you can apply the Neostrata Problem Dry Skin Cream, which is nourishing, hydrating, and feels fantastic when we start suffering from dry skin during the winter.

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