Question: Hi Doc, Is It True That If You Are On The Pill That It Can Help You With Your Acne? Ive Been On It 6months And My Skin Aint Getting Better

hi doc, is it true that if you are on the pill that it can help you with your acne? ive been on it 6months and my skin aint getting better


Thank you for your question. Yes, in some cases we do in fact, prescribe the pill for people whose hormones are all out of balance and are suffering from break outs due to hormonal activity being up and down. At the end of the day, there are many things that could be aggravating break outs and also, there are many different treatment options. It’s really a case of ascertaining what is going on with your particular skin, and then coming up with the most suitable treatment plan and prescription for YOU. Can you give me some more info about your skin? How old are you? How long have you had issues with your skin? How severe is it? Do you have any discolouration or scarring due to the breakouts? Does it come and go or are you permanently having marks on your skin? What pill are you on? Is your skin dark or very light? These are all things we need to look at before we can come up with a good plan. Are you near enough to one of our Skin Renewal branches to come and see me or one of our doctors? I’d really like to help you.

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