Question: Hi Docter, Can You Maybe Tell Me Is There Anything On The Market To Remove Strech Marks? Except For Bio Oil? Regards

Hi Docter, can you maybe tell me is there anything on the market to remove strech marks? except for Bio Oil? Regards


Hi there. Thanks so much for sending in your question. I must be honest and tell you that I’ve worked with skin and stretch marks for many years. Stretch marks are a type of scarring on the living layer of your skin. So a simple, over the counter, topical product is certainly not going to cure your stretch marks. The only way of really treating stretch marks is for us to affect the living layer (the Dermis) of the skin, and you are certainly not going to get there by applying a cream or an oil on top of your skin. Certainly, creams and oils and topical products will aid in hydrating the skin and improving the condition of the healthy skin around the stretch marks, and thereby making the marks appear a little better, but the actual stretch marks themselves will not be significantly affected. To treat stretch marks we do some fairly deep treatments, including carboxy therapy, micro needling, meso-therapy and laser, and usually a combination of these is required. Even then, we cannot completely remove a stretch mark 100%. We can certainly dramatically improve them, but once you have a scar, the evidence of that scar, (even if very slight) is going to still be there. As I said, we can certainly give you dramatic improvement and yes, of course we would suggest that your topical products are done to help and assist and maintain the results achieved during treatment, but a topical product on its own is really not going to dramatically affect your stretch marks. My best advice is going to be that you consult one of our Doctors at Skin Renewal so that we can have a look at your stretch marks and assist you in giving you a realistic idea of how much can be done for you.

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