Question: Hi Docter, I Break Out A Lot On My Face, I Eat Right And Every Morning And Evening I Wash My Face With Neutrogena Face Wash: I Have Also Noticed As Soon As It Gets Hot It Is As If My Skin Breaks Out Even More. Thank You

Hi Docter, i break out a lot on my face, i eat right and every morning and evening i wash my face with neutrogena face wash: i have also noticed as soon as it gets hot it is as if my skin breaks out even more. thank you


Thanks so much for your question. There are a few things that you need to think about when it comes to your skin. I’m very glad to hear that you’re eating properly, that is ALWAYS a good thing! Sometimes, however, your skin is reacting to something other than just poor nutrition. Every one of us should be doing at least the following, on a daily basis:
1) You need to cleanse at least twice a day with a good cleanser;
2) You need to protect your skin every single day by wearing a good broad spectrum SPF;
3) It is also very important to consider using a good product containing Vitamin A every night.
More often than not if you can just get these few basics right every day, you will already have more success in maintaining your skin.
Often if you are reacting to changes in temperature, there are a few things you need to consider:
1) Is your cleanser perhaps a bit too harsh and too drying on your skin? This will cause disruption of your skin’s protective barrier. So yes, you will get these break outs in that case.
2) Are you possibly using a moisturiser that is not appropriate for your particular skin? As your moisturiser could be very occlusive and not allowing your skin to perspire properly or could be causing blockages in the follicles, so when your oil glands are trying to secrete sebum (which is going to happen when you respond to heat), there will then be blockages formed and you will then see the breakouts you’re experiencing.
So my advice to you is get the right products for YOUR skin and get the best advice from a qualified, professional therapist or aesthetic doctor who will give you the very best advice. Are you able to get to one of our Skin Renewal Branches so that we may assist you with this?

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