Question: Hi Doctor Maureen, My Question Is For My 12 Year Old Daughter, She Has Developed Some White Spots On Her Back That Are Now Moving To The Front Of Her Chest. I Initially Thought It Was Fungal And Got KEZ From The Pharmacy, It Has Now Been A Week And It Has Faded Or Gotten Any Less. If It Is Viral Or A Lack Of Something, What Should I Use?Look Forward To Hearing From You

Hi Doctor Maureen, my question is for my 12 year old daughter, she has developed some white spots on her back that are now moving to the front of her chest. I initially thought it was fungal and got KEZ from the pharmacy, it has now been a week and it has faded or gotten any less. If it is viral or a lack of something, what should I use?Look forward to hearing from you


Good day to you and thanks so much for sending me your question. I would really like to help you, so I need a bit more information from you. Are these white spots flat? Or are they raised? Do they seem to contain and fluid or anything? Are they painful or itchy at all? Has she been using any sorts of products or creams or anything on her skin (other than the KEZ)? Does she spray her deodorant or perfume over her back and chest? There are a lot of things to consider in a case like this. Are you close enough to any of our Skin Renewal Branches that one of our doctors can take a look at her? We have 8 branches in Gauteng and 4 in Cape Town. I would really like to help you if I can.

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