Question: Hi Dr Allem. I’m On Roaccutane With About A Month And A Half To Go Until I’m Done. I Was On A Fairly Mild Prescription. I Have Fairly Dry Skin. I Have Been Thinking Of Trying Out Viviscal Hair Supplements To Grow Out My Hair. Most Reviewed Said That They Got Great Results, Even Their Skin Started Glowing, But Some Say That Their Faces Broke Out Heavily.Do You Think It’s Safe For Me To Try Using Viviscal? I’ve Only Recently Got My Skin Back To Where I Wanted It. I Am Worried About Breaking Out Again.

Hi Dr Allem. I'm on Roaccutane with about a month and a half to go until I'm done. I was on a fairly mild prescription. I have fairly dry skin. I have been thinking of trying out Viviscal hair supplements to grow out my hair. Most reviewed said that they got great results, even their skin started glowing, but some say that their faces broke out heavily. Do you think it's safe for me to try using Viviscal? I've only recently got my skin back to where I wanted it. I am worried about breaking out again.


Thank-you so much for your question. I really don’t want to discourage you in any way, but Roaccutane is a really potent drug. Don’t get me wrong it is absolutely fantastic and the results are just incdible, but you don’t want to go doing anything that may jeopardise your skin too soon after coming off your Roaccutane. In our Skin Renewal Clinics, if we have a patient on Roaccutane in most cases we wait up to 6 months before starting any active treatments. If you are prone to break outs, then I’m going to say, quite honestly, don’t tempt fate. Give your skin some recovery time before trying anything that may put you at risk. Why don’t you try something topical that won’t conflict with your Roaccutane in the meantime? Give me an idea of what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your skin and hair and let’s see what we can do for you. Then after 6 months, you can by all means try the supplements and see how your skin behaves. You can always stop if you experience any problems.

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