Question: Hi Dr. Allem, I Have Some Uneasy Puffiness Under My Eyes That Hardly Seem To Disappear After Purchasing Countless Eye Creams That Promise To Deliver. I Am Seriously Considering Lower Eyelid Surgery But Would Like To Know Whether There Are Other Non-invasive Options To Consider Before Doing Something So Expensive And Drastic.

Hi Dr. Allem, I have some uneasy puffiness under my eyes that hardly seem to disappear after purchasing countless eye creams that promise to deliver. I am seriously considering lower eyelid surgery but would like to know whether there are other non-invasive options to consider before doing something so expensive and drastic.


Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear that you have had these disappointments. To be perfectly honest with you, it is very hard for me to give you the best advice without seeing you in front of me, as I really would need to look at how severe the problem is as well as try to ascertain what the cause is so that we make sure we give you the very best treatment and product prescription. There are wonderful options for treatment around the eyes for puffiness and swelling. I have suffered with this myself and I had a course of Carboxy therapy which really gave me excellent results, so I do prescribe this to many patients. In fact there really are some wonderful treatments and eye products. The trick is knowing which to combine and when and HOW to use these. There are infact many eye products on the market that CAUSE puffiness if they are used incorrectly and at the wrong time of day. I really would love to help you and rather try to assist you so that you do not have to consider surgery. Are you near any of our Skin Renewal Branches, so that we can help you?

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