Question: Hi Dr. Allem, Please Advise Whether You Have Had Any Patients Who Opted For Carboxytherapy On The Lower Eyelids To Reduce Puffines And If So Were They Satisfied? I Read That Carboxytherpay For Lower Eyelids To Reduce Puffiness Is Quite Risky And Not Always Successful. Please Advise

Hi Dr. Allem, Please advise whether you have had any patients who opted for carboxytherapy on the lower eyelids to reduce puffines and if so were they satisfied? I read that carboxytherpay for lower eyelids to reduce puffiness is quite risky and not always successful. Please advise


Hi there. This is a great question. I have had carboxy myself for this very same problem and I have had fantastic results. You can view my before and after pictures at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches or on our Website. I understand that Carboxy is of course a risky treatment, but I will honestly say that this really depends on the competency of your practitioner. Around the eyes there are very specific protocols for how we treat the eyes and if these are followed to the letter, there really is very little risk. Unfortunately there are many practitioners who use these therapies without adequate training and then you have patients getting poor results and in some cases bad reactions. So to answer you, I am very much pro- Carboxy for the eyes, provided it is done correctly.

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