Question: Hi Dr Maureen. Hope All Is Well. I Would Like To Know Which Product Could Help Me To Tan Without Getting Burnt. I Can Lay In The Sun And I Go Red However That Turns To A Nice Tan Colour, But Doesn’t Last That Long. I Am White, Brown Eyes, Brown Hair. The Only Place I Seem To “peel” Are My Thighs And Back But This Is Only When I Get To Burnt. Which Is A Safe And Friendly User Product I Could Use?

Hi Dr Maureen. Hope all is well. I would like to know which product could help me to tan without getting burnt. I can lay in the sun and I go red however that turns to a nice tan colour, but doesn't last that long. I am white, brown eyes, brown hair. The only place I seem to "peel" are my thighs and back but this is only when I get to burnt. Which is a safe and friendly user product I could use?


Hi there! I’m very well, thanks for asking! I do however, hate to be the bearer of bad news. There is no such thing as a “safe tan”, unless it comes out of a spray tan bottle, I’m afraid. There are PLENTY of sun blocks out there, that will protect you from UVB and therefore allow you to tan without burning… but understand, that if you have tanned, you have forced your skin to pigment, which means your skin went into “survival and protection mode”. In order for your skin to tan, it has to be bombarded with UVA radiation. UVA causes ageing, sagging, wrinkling, sunspots, skin cancers and generally makes your skin age prematurely. So these are the people who end up with dark, uneven, leathery looking skin, WAY before their time. If you want my honest advice out of concern for your health and your skin… DO NOT allow yourself to be exposed to the sun in order to pigment. You will regret it later in life! There are brilliant self-tanning products on the market now! I would really suggest that you rather use these than have to face all the risks that come with sun exposure.

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