Question: Hi Dr Maureen. I Would Love To Know What Suggestions You Have On Helping One Clean Our Their Body Of All The Impurities. Are There Any Ways Of Doing This Naturally With Effective Results? I Get Quite A Few Lumps Over My Body Especially In Areas Where A Person Sweats Excessively. I Know My Father Suffers With The Same Thing But They Are Starting To Leave Scars When They Go Away And I Would Like To Know How I Can Prevent This From Happening?

Hi Dr Maureen. I would love to know what suggestions you have on helping one clean our their body of all the impurities. Are there any ways of doing this naturally with effective results? I get quite a few lumps over my body especially in areas where a person sweats excessively. I know my father suffers with the same thing but they are starting to leave scars when they go away and I would like to know how I can prevent this from happening?


Are you absolutely sure that these lumps and bumps are because of diet? A good detox certainly cannot hurt you. But what you need to realise is that SO MUCH of what we eat today on a daily basis is full of pesticides and free radicals and all sorts of things that are really not good for us. A once-off detox is really not going to solve this. If these “bumps” as you describe them are really from your dietry habits, then what you really need is a lifestyle change when it comes to your food. I would suggest you try a medical dietry program like Slender Wonder (which will detox you and put you on the right path in terms of your body weight and excellent eating habits), or you can even try consulting one of the Doctors at Skin Renewal to put you on to Skin Renewal’s “Body Renewal” diet.

I really think you should, however find out what exactly is causing these bumps. It could very possibly be a skin condition, and in that case, it needs to be diagnosed correctly.

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