Question: Hi Dr. , Well My Question Has More To Do With Weight Gain Rather Than Skin Issues.. I Am 23yrs Old, Short And Quite Petite. I Have Difficulty In Gaining And Keeping Weight On… Is There Anything I Can Do In Order To Gain And Sustain A Few Extra Kilos?

Hi Dr. , well my question has more to do with weight gain rather than skin issues.. I am 23yrs old, short and quite petite. I have difficulty in gaining and keeping weight on... is there anything i can do in order to gain and sustain a few extra kilos?


I think in your case you are going to need to go for some tests. You’re going to need to ascertain if there is a hormonal imbalance or something causing this issue. In a case like yours, you really need to go and see someone who specializes in nutrition as well, to get you on to exactly the right eating plan for your weight, size, build and whatever “imbalance/challenge” you may have that is causing this particular problem. With something like this, it’s really very, very difficult to give you some sort of a “generic” plan. I certainly deal a lot with patients who need help with weight loss and need assistance in speeding up their metabolism, but VERY rarely do I need to help anyone to gain weight. I would LOVE to be of more assistance, but as I said, it’s very hard to do so in this forum. Are you near any of our Skin Renewal Branches? Would you be able to come and see one of our doctors?

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