Question: Hi Heidi, I Have Very Fine Curly Hair, That I Relax Every Now And Then. I Sweat A Lot In My Head, Thus It Curls Very Quick, I Have To Blowdry And Flat Iron Every Day, But It’s Curly When I Get To Work. With The New Bio-ionic Range, Do You Think It Will Improve The Texture Of My Hair?

Hi Heidi, I have very fine curly hair, that I relax every now and then. I sweat a lot in my head, thus it curls very quick, I have to blowdry and flat iron every day, but it's curly when I get to work. With the new bio-ionic range, do you think it will improve the texture of my hair?


Hello Leanda, whilst Bio-Ionic is not a L’Oreal product, it is a Thio technology straightener, which is not compatible with any hydroxide relaxer at all. Your hair will disintegrate using one over the other. The issue is not the chemical straightness, but the wetness at the root area. Your relaxer is already altering the texture. My suggestion is to perhaps wear your hair differently, by setting it on rollers and having a style that is very in at the moment which is controlled curlyness that is very polished.

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