Question: Hi Heidi, Hope You Are Well, Please Help, What Can I Use For Dandruff, I Have Tried Dandruff Shampoo’s But They Dont Seem To Be Helping, Is There A Solutions To My Dandruff.

Hi Heidi, Hope you are well, please help, what can I use for dandruff, I have tried dandruff shampoo's but they dont seem to be helping, is there a solutions to my dandruff.


One of our professional salon brands, MIZANI, has a range for moderate to severe scalp conditions. Developed to regulate problematic scalps and promote healthy looking hair, MIZANI Scalp Care combining salicylic acid and pyrithiaone zinc, ingredients proven to eliminate the recurrance of scalp flaking, scaling and itching.Use the shampoo and conditionedr and finish with Comfiderm Scalp Oil, which can be used daily,to moisturise and relieve a dry scalp.

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