Hi, I Have Got Black Marks On My Face And Very Oil Skin. I Am Black I Just Wanted To Know Which Products I Can Use To Help With My Problem?

Hi, I have got black marks on my face and very oil skin. I am black I just wanted to know which products I can use to help with my problem?


What you have is a common problem called, “Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation”. Unfortunately, no “over the counter preparation” is going to be able to take it away for you. What we need to do s 2 very important things. 1) We need to get your oiliness under control as this will add to your problem if not controlled. 2) We need to work on the marks that are already there. My best suggestion is that you come in to one of our Skin Renewal Branches and let us take a good look at your problem and see how severe it is, so we can give you the best possible prescription. We would need to at least put you on to home care products that will help you combat the problem, such as perhaps active Cleanse and Active Control from Lamelle’s Clarity range, and a treatment product for the marks such as Lumixyl, or if they are very severe, something like Kligman’s Luma which is a medical preparation.

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