Question: Hi, I Have Quite Good Skin That Is Only Oily On The T. I Am Looking For Products That I Should Use At My Age Of 32. I Have Always Used Nivea Visage, But I Think Its Not For My Age Anymore. I Need A Face Wash, A Daily Moisturiser With High UV Protection, Night Cream Etc. Please Advise What I Should Get Considering I Dont Have A Budget Limit. Thank You

hi, i have quite good skin that is only oily on the T. i am looking for products that i should use at my age of 32. i have always used nivea visage, but i think its not for my age anymore. i need a face wash, a daily moisturiser with high UV protection, night cream etc. please advise what i should get considering i dont have a budget limit. thank you


Hello and thank you for your question. An oily T-zone is quite a common skin condition which is easily maintained. Often, as we age and during different times of the year, our skin conditions and needs will change. In your 30’s cell turnover starts to slow down and the surface of your skin can become drier, duller and show signs of sun damage – you may also note areas of dryness or oiliness you did not have in the past. By including toning, exfoliation and anti-ageing into your normal skin care regime you will start to balance out your skin and address early signs of aging. This is also a good time to start focusing on anti-ageing by including peptides, retinol products and growth factors into your daily skin care range, as your collagen begins to decrease. Your skin care regime should include: Cleanse/ Tone/ Exfoliate/ Treat/ Moisturise/ Protect and regular facials.

Great products to consider are the following (and don’t be afraid to mix product houses to suit your specific needs!):

Cleanse: Lamelle Clarity Active Cleanse; Neostrata Clarifying Cleanser; Skin Medica Facial Cleanser
Tone/ Exfoliate: Lamelle Cathepzyme 1 exfoliator; Skin Medica Purifying Toner; Nimue Conditioner for Normal to Oily Skin; Skin Medica 15% AHA/BHB Cream (PM only)
Treat: Lamelle Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum; Neostrata Cellular Restoration; Skin Medica TNS Recovery Complex; Skin Medica Tri Retinol Complex (PM only)
Moisturise: (can be used day and night) Lamelle Dermaheal Daily Moisturising Cream; Neostrata Sheer Hydration; Skin Medica Ultra Sheer Moisturiser
Protect: Lamelle Dermaheal SPF30; Skin Medica Environmental Defence Sunscreen

I hope this helps in your quest to maintain amazing skin!

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