Question: Hi, I Used To Have Perfectly Even Toned Arms But The Problem Was My Legs So I Decided To Try This Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Skin Body Lotion. After Approximately Six Months Of Use I Discontinued Using It Because I Could Notice That My Skin Is Becoming More Sensitive. Since Then This Is The Second Summer Now I Get Severely Itching Skin Rush That Lives My Skin With Dark Marks In The Exposed Areas Especially My Arms And My Neck Even If I Was Exposed In The Sun For 2 Minutes. Please Help Me To Reverse This. I Was Never Tis Sensitive To The Sun.

Hi, I used to have perfectly even toned arms but the problem was my legs so I decided to try this Vaseline Healthy even tone skin body lotion. After approximately six months of use I discontinued using it because I could notice that my skin is becoming more sensitive. Since then this is the second summer now i get severely itching skin rush that lives my skin with dark marks in the exposed areas especially my arms and my neck even if i was exposed in the sun for 2 minutes. please help me to reverse this. i was never tis sensitive to the sun.


Hi there. Thank you for your question. The problem with many over-the-counter lotions is that they contain perfumes which, can sensitise the skin, especially if the area is then exposed to sunlight. I’m going to suggest for the time being that we just get your skin some protection before doing anything else. You need to get yourself a good sunblock and apply this everyday over your arms and legs (nothing else to be used). I would do this for at least a month. What I would suggest is after a month, get yourself the Skin Medica Body Lotion and apply this twice a day but when you use it in the morning put sunblock over it. You will have to continue with this for at least 3 months. If the area then needs more “active” treatment, we can take it from there, but we must first get than sensitivity and discomfort under control before we do anything else. If you need help in sourcing these products, please just contact any of our Skin Renewal Branches and we’ll happily assist you.

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