Question: Hi, I Would Like To Find Out If You Can Be Allergic To A Foundation. I Have Been Using The Same One For Many Years. I Then Switched Brands. A Day After Application, My Face Becomes Red, Very Dry And Swollen Around My Eyes. Can You Please Advise Me?

Hi, I would like to find out if you can be allergic to a foundation. I have been using the same one for many years. I then switched brands. A day after application, my face becomes red, very dry and swollen around my eyes. Can you please advise me?


Hi Lorraine! Oh my gosh, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your bad reaction to the new foundation. And I hope you’ve stopped using that foundation immediately!! It’s possible that you developed an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients in the foundation, but you may also have a very sensitive skin. Try to find a foundation that has no preservatives, chemicals and is fragrance-free. The Body Shop has mineral foundations that contain natural products, so maybe start there.

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