Question: HI. I Would Like To Know What A Person Could Do For Dry Skin. My Skin Is Fine In Summer But In Winter My Skin Feels So Dry, The Water Even Seems To Have An Affect On It. I Use Moisturizer But Can You Recommend A Home Made Or Bought Face Mask Maybe That Could Add Some Moisture Back Into My Skin?

HI. I would like to know what a person could do for dry skin. My skin is fine in summer but in winter my skin feels so dry, the water even seems to have an affect on it. I use moisturizer but can you recommend a home made or bought face mask maybe that could add some moisture back into my skin?


It sounds to me like you’re suffering with impaired barrier function. Which just basically means that your skin’s protective function is not functioning as it should. If you have very sensitive skin, you really need to pick your products wisely. Unfortunately I have not seen your skin for myself, so it’s a bit difficult to give you direct advice, but you need to take a few things into account. Is your skin generally dry? How old are you? Are you on any hormonal meds or the pill? What are the active ingredients in the products that you are using? It could be that there are some sensitising ingredients n some of the things you have tried to use. And then, last and probably most important, what do you want for your skin? What goals do you want your skin products to achieve? Is it hydration, anti-redness, anti-ageing, pigmentation, breakout control? You need to choose products that contain the right actives for the goals you wish to achieve. I would say that your best option is to make an appointment at a medical aesthetic centre with a medical aesthetic therapist or doctor who can have a good look at your skin, do some analysis and give you the best product prescription for your specific needs.

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