Question: Hi Mr Gillson, I Am A Coloured Lady, I Have Been Battling With My Hair For The Past Year Or So. It Is Extremely Dry And I Have Dry Scalp As Well. I Have Tried Everything But Nothing Seems To Be Working. I Do Put Heat On My Hair Almost Everyday, I’m Not Sure If That It Causing The Dryness. I Also Bought The Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, But No Luck Thus Far. Could You Kindly Recommend A Good Treatment For Me And Where Can I Purchase It From? I Am Really Really Desperate And Your Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated. Please Reply. Thanking You In Advance. Kind Regards. Anthea Ullbricht

Hi Mr Gillson, I am a coloured lady, I have been battling with my hair for the past year or so. It is extremely dry and I have dry scalp as well. I have tried everything but nothing seems to be working. I do put heat on my hair almost everyday, I'm not sure if that it causing the dryness. I also bought the Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, but no luck thus far. Could you kindly recommend a good treatment for me and where can I purchase it from? I am really really desperate and your help will be greatly appreciated. Please reply. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards. Anthea Ullbricht


Hi Anthea,

We have an amazing range for this – it’s called the Davines naturaltech nourishing range – the range really helps to moisturise even the dryest of hair!
We also offer an in-salon treatment and would recommend having the hair reconstruction treatment with micro mist. The micro mist machine is applied after the treatment to open up the hair shaft and lock the treatment’s moisture in!
You should always use a heat protection as well, this is very important, may I recommend the davines melu shield.

Thanks and good luck

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