Question: Hi, Please Advise What I Can Use On My Bottom Eyelid Before I Use My Black Liner. I Find That My Liner Always Runs/smudges During The Day. Is It Perhaps The Liner That I Am Using Even Though It Happens With Any Brand I Use

Hi,please advise what I can use on my bottom eyelid before i use my black liner. I find that my liner always runs/smudges during the day. Is it perhaps the liner that I am using even though it happens with any brand I use


A great concealer would help.

You need to realise, though, that the whole face sweats, so even though you might use a concealer you might find that your liner will still smudge.
In this case you would need to change your liner.

Kohl is the pencil that is most likely to smudge.

I recommend that you try either a waterproof eye pencil such as Revlons Colourstay or a gel liner such as the one from the Avon brand.

We all know how terrible it is to walk around with panda eyes.

Have Fun

Remember……Stay Beautiful…..Indulge yourself

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