Question: Hi, Please Help Me, Whenever My Hair Gets Dirty My Scalp Gets Sore And Then I Can’t Even Comb My Hair Properly. I Tried Washing My Hair Every Second Day But Then My Hair Falls Flat. What Can I Do?

Hi, please help me, whenever my hair gets dirty my scalp gets sore and then I can't even comb my hair properly. I tried washing my hair every second day but then my hair falls flat. What can I do?


Hello Janice

I believe that your solution is to firstly pop into a reputable L’Oreal KERASTASE hairdressing salon and have your hair AND SCALP analysed. The hairdresser will then recommend the appropriate shampoo and conditioner that will calm and soothe your stressed and irritated scalp, and to volumise your hair. Tell the hairdresser how you usually style your hair and get a styling aid that will give you volume and hold.

It is imperative that you ensure that you have no scalp conditions that you are perhaps over looking, whilst addressing the volume and styling issues that you have.

Warm regards

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