Question: Hi There, Do I Need To Use Toner Morning And Evening? What Does It Do To The Skin?

Hi there, do I need to use toner morning and evening? What does it do to the skin?


There are many ranges that come out without a toner at all. It really depends on what the function of the toner is in the product prescription that you’re using. In some ranges the toner is essential as it may be needed to bring your skin back to its regular pH before applying the active moisturiser. In some ranges, such as in Nimue, the toner or conditioner is there to help constant resurfacing and increase cell turn-over.
A toner is generally there to normalise the skin after cleansing and just to remove any dirt or debris that has remained after cleansing, but in most cases it is a “nice to have”. Unless of course, like I mentioned, it has a specific function in the range that you’re using.

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