Question: Hi There, For The Last 3 Months, My Skin Has Been Breaking Out In Blemishes, But Only Along My Jaw Line (from Ear To Ear), I Dont Really Use Much Face Wash As My Skin Usually Is Fine With Just A Wash With Dove Soap And Then I Use A Light Toner And Moisturiser (day And Night Cream) I Wash My Face Every Morning And Then Again Just Before I Go To Bed At Night. I Am Not Sure What Is Causing This. I Have Not Switched Over To Any New Face Products So It Can’t Be That Either. A Friend Has Suggested That It Might Be Stress Related But I Am Not Sure. Any Advise?

Hi there, for the last 3 months, my skin has been breaking out in blemishes, but only along my jaw line (from ear to ear), I dont really use much face wash as my skin usually is fine with just a wash with Dove soap and then I use a light toner and moisturiser (day and night cream) I wash my face every morning and then again just before I go to bed at night. I am not sure what is causing this. I have not switched over to any new face products so it can't be that either. A friend has suggested that it might be stress related but I am not sure. Any advise?


A persistent breakout in the area along the jawline, generally indicates stress and hormonal changes, but it can also be aggravated by incorrect product use. In your case, you would definitely be worsening the condition by using a form of soap (even Dove) on your face. Dove is excellent for the body and underarms etc, but your face is an area which is exposed daily and can by no means be treated with the same products one uses on the body.

You may also want to consider an oral skin supplement which is rich in anti-oxidants, that will help you deal with the stress and the skin. If I may suggest a really good skin supplement, I would say try to get yourself some Ovelle Capsules from Lamelle, they are available at any branch of Skin Renewal as well as quite a few Aesthetics Doctors throughout SA.

If you really want to take care of your skin and have a healthy, protected, radiant skin, you need to consider using cosmeceutical products on your skin. I don’t have enough information about you to recommend a specific brand or range but there are fantastic ranges out there that can cater for any number of skin types and conditions, such as Skin Medica, Lamelle, Nimue and Neostrata. For the best prescription, I would suggest you see an aesthetic doctor who can assess your skin and chat to yo about what may be going on in your body.

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