Question: Hi There, From What Age Can You Start Getting Botox Injections? I Am 24 And Have A Deep Trench Between My Forehead.

Hi there, from what age can you start getting botox injections? I am 24 and have a deep trench between my forehead.


Hi there! What a brilliant question! Thanks for asking. Botox can be done from any age. Most people wait until they can see a problem before starting to come for their Botox injections, and of course there is nothing wrong with that. The trend however is to rather start having a bit of preventative Botox in the areas that commonly form lines and wrinkles, to prevent those small muscles from tightening up and causing the furrows in the first place. So I do have some patients that have started as early as 19 years of age. You are absolutely able to start doing your Botox injections at 24. In fact I would say the sooner the better. As you get older, those furrows become deeper and larger and then you really have to battle to correct them. So the sooner you get on top of staring correction the better. I have also found that many of my patients who have come regularly for Botox over the years, tend to need less and less as we correct frowns etc. So by all means, get your “trench” sorted out sooner rather than later.

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