Question: Hi There. My 17 Year Old Son Must Start Shaving. Where Do I Start With All These Products On The Market? He Keeps On Stressing The Fact That He Wants His Skin To Stay Smooth Within The Rush Some Get After Shaving. Please Help, No Man In My Life To Provide Guidance.

Hi there. My 17 year old son must start shaving. Where do I start with all these products on the market? He keeps on stressing the fact that he wants his skin to stay smooth within the rush some get after shaving. Please help, no man in my life to provide guidance.


Thank-you for your question Linda. I’m so glad that you are thinking of appropriate skin care for your son right from the start. Most young men make the mistake of shaving with harsh soaps and gels that cause the skin to dehydrate and cause the skin surface to become “asphyxiated”. This in turn causes the skin to become too tough for the beard to grow through, resulting in ingrown hairs. Nimue makes a great range for men. They make an excellent shaving oil, which really hydrates and nourishes the skin which prevents the irritation many men get from shaving. I would also suggest that you ensure that he applies a good SPF daily. This will further prevent sensitivity, and will also prevent the pigmentation in the beard areas like so many men do. Nimue also makes a fantastic sun protection product that will beautifully compliment the shaving product.

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